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Madagascar is the land of lemurs, made even more famous lately by a string of popular cartoon movies. This enchanting island will win you over with its diverse flora, fauna, amazing cultures, and beautiful beaches. What more could you want?


9 Day Eastern Madagascar Tour

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This nine day tour will give you a taste of Madagascar as you explore some of the sights along the Eastern coast of this beautiful island, including the Pangalanes Canal. You will learn about the culture of this region and will have the opportunity to see several species of lemurs.

10 Day Southern Madagascar Tour

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This ten day tour takes you to the Southern region of Madagascar where you will have a chance to see the famous Ring Tailed Lemurs, among many other species. Enjoy the flora, fauna, and beautiful beaches of this island paradise.

12 Day Southern Madagascar Tour

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If you'd like to spend more time getting to know the Southern region of Madagascar, this tour may be perfect for you. Going slowly from the East Coast and Southbound, you will encounter a lot of wildlife and will learn about handicrafts of the different regions that you will visit.

13 Day Southern Madagascar Tour

13 days, your way!

Take more time to explore the Southern region of Madagascar on this tour. You will have additional time to enjoy nature, soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches, and enjoy wildlife.

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