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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs WorldwideXplorer®?

WorldwideXplorer®, LLC is owned and operated by Marisa Meisters, who resides in Milton, Georgia (near Alpharetta and Atlanta). She and her husband, co-founder Sarat Yellepeddi, fell in love with Africa on their first safari and want to share this experience with other people, through WorldwideXplorer®. The tour offerings have since expanded to include many destinations around the world, and cruises too.


What is the mission of WorldwideXplorer®?

Our mission is twofold:

  • To help people and wildlife wherever our tours go. As part of any of our tour options, WorldwideXplorer® has a "visit a village / community / school / wildlife sanctuary or organization" initiative where visitors have the opportunity to bring items to donate directly to the people who need them, and to help the indigenous wildlife. See for yourself where your donations go. Meet the people you're helping ; learn about their culture and wildlife! Even if you opt not to visit, a small portion of proceeds from every WorldwideXplorer tour helps a local organization in the destination you visit.

  • To provide you with an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a lifetime of memories, and a desire to continue to explore the world!


Do you charge a booking fee?

At WorldwideXplorer, all of our tours are custom. We always begin with a free consultation. Full details about our pricing are covered in our services page.

What destinations do you plan?

We can plan trips anywhere in the world; the heart of what we do centers on our safari tours in Africa, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, Peru, and Costa Rica. However, we have the ability to plan throughout the world since we are an independent travel company.

Can you arrange custom tours or safari excursions for groups?

Yes, absolutely! We are happy to work with groups and individuals, and can work with you to better customize one of our excursions to meet individual or group needs. Please contact us; we'd love to work with you and your group! We also gladly work with families and solo travelers.

Do you work with cruise companies?

Yes! We work with all of the major cruise lines and can help you plan your dream cruise or cruise tour combo (see our cruise page for details or to send us a request)! Please note that each cruise line has its own rules, policies, etc., and we work within their rules when you book a cruise with us. Whether it's Holland America, Princes, Viking, or more, we can get you there in style, on all  seven continents!


Do you work with Travel Agents?

Yes, our WorldwideXplorer tours are available for travel agents to book for their clients - and we can customize tours, too! Contact us for information and commission details.


How do you define the word "safari"?

When we use the word "safari" throughout our web site and our literature, we are talking about photographic wildlife encounter experiences around the world (not just in Africa) where we admire, enjoy, and appreciate nature all around us. We will not taunt, disturb, harm, or do anything to purposefully attract wildlife to come to us. We will get as close to the animals as they safely allow, and many animals barely even take notice of human presence. You will have plenty of opportunities to take amazing photographs as we get closer to the wildlife than most people ever realize possible. Prepare to be amazed and be sure to bring your best camera and camcorder!


Passports and visas

For all travel that requires you to leave your home country, you are required to have passports that are valid for at least 6 months from the end date of the trip. All passports must contain at least 6 blank pages at the end of the passport for stamps and visas. It is your responsibility to make sure that your passport is accurate and meets these requirements. It is your responsibility to know if you will need a travel visa and to secure any visas in advance of travel (unless you know that you will have the opportunity to get one at the border or upon landing in the country).


Medicines, vaccinations, and general health

Always check with your doctor before embarking on an overseas adventure about possible medicines and vaccines that you should take prior to departure. If you require a constant source of electricity during travels (such as to run medical equipment), it is your responsibility to disclose this to us immediately.


Have more questions? Interested in booking an excursion with WorldwideXplorer®?

You can contact us by texting or calling +1-678-622-2988 or by completing this form.

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