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Welcome! I'm Marisa Meisters and I am a travel addict. It started in early childhood with long family road trips and the rest is history, as they say. In school, I studied other fields, but came back to International Hotel Management for my Master of Science degree from the University of Surrey in the UK. I still went into IT for a long part of my career, but I was always called back to travel.

I've traveled to about 50 countries and/or territories, six continents and most of the states in the USA. While I have definitely traveled a lot, there are still plenty of locations left on my list, and I'm always excited to knock that list down a little bit every year. For me, travel truly is about immersing myself in the experiences, not just rushing through a place and taking a few quick photographs like a typical tourist. I'm a traveler. If you're reading this, I bet you are, too!


In 2011, my husband and I went on a wonderful safari. While we loved the experience, we saw multiple ways in which the experience could be improved and the process made easier and more comfortable for travelers. Thus I had the idea to start WorldwideXplorer in 2012, building upon what we had experienced and improving the quality of service in ways that make WorldwideXplorer unique from other companies. I know the people I work with in the field in each location where I run WorldwideXplorer tours. In  locations where I work with other service providers, I thoroughly research information to ensure that top notch quality is maintained throughout.


Work directly with me to start planning your next adventure! I want to travel forever. And odds are, so you do. Welcome to WorldwideXplorer®!

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