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Helping Others

We believe in helping people and wildlife each time that we run our tours, and even when we are not touring. These are some of the things we've done to help people in the destinations that we visit, as well as in our own local community.


Since 2012, WorldwideXplorer has visited numerous schools and villages throughout the world and brought school and other supplies, school team uniforms (some of which were generously donated by North Georgia Promotions of Alpharetta, GA), and given motivational speeches for specific schools. The schools we have helped are located in Peru, India, Botswana, Uganda, and Tanzania. Each visit is always unique, special, and memorable. 

We've also worked to visit and support organizations that are doing good things to help wildlife. We've taken our safari groups to visit Gorilla Doctors in Rwanda. These veterinarians continually monitor habituated groups of wild gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, intervening to help only when absolutely necessary.  The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya does a remarkable job of finding, rescuing, and rehabilitating orphaned wildlife throughout Kenya. They've worked for decades and continue to expand their operations. No trip to Kenya is complete without at least a visit to their Nairobi elephant orphanage, where you can see the young elephants thriving!

We have been supporters of the Children's Miracle Network in the USA, which benefits local children (in the USA) who require hospital care. This was in conjunction with our local Milton, GA Costco store. Marisa has also supported local schools in the area by giving Career Day presentations, inspiring students in grades 3 - 7 to continue to dream big, make plans, and follow through with their goals! WorldwideXplorer also works with the EKAM Foundation (both in the USA and in its home country of India) to raise funds and awareness to help save the lives of babies and infants in rural India. We've also supported animal welfare organizations in and around our local home state of Georgia, such as the Atlanta Humane Society, Furkids Animal Shelter, and Habersham Animal Control, with donations, volunteer hours, and pet adoptions. We've partnered as well with Project Chimps in Blue Ridge, Georgia where we've supported them by having a booth at one of their outdoor expos in 2019.

A few years back, Marisa self-published her first children's book, Adventures of Pachy. 10% of all proceeds raised from book sales go back into helping people on future excursions and are used to purchase more supplies. The book tells a fictional story about a baby elephant and is illustrated with Marisa's photos from Africa. Appropriate for animal lovers of all ages; suited for Kindergarten to 2nd grade reading levels, and photographs are appropriate and inspiring for all ages. Adventures of Pachy is available both in paperback version and Kindle from Amazon:

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